Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The Poem of the Man-God by Maria Valtorta

Detailed description of the life and times of Christ as given through Maria Valtorta.

Maria Valtorta is a bed ridden woman who claimed one day that she could hear voices, voices that would urge her to write them down on a piece of notebook. Later she realized that these voices came from God himself.  Everyday she would write them down, often she claims that she herself doesn't understand what she has written. She herself proclaimed that she has not used any human sources. 

A lot of controversy surrounded around this book, for instant people would claim that she is just a sick woman who is hallucinating. But still there are still unexplained things surrounding her work on how can she be so knowledgeable  when it comes to the topographic, geological and mineralogical aspect of the Holy Land is unexplainable. 

Maria Valtorta's writing takes you in the world of Jesus, which such detailed and visual when it comes to the surrounding and the people involved. Unlike the Bible, that only explain the events that are happening, Maria's book will tell you far more detailed things about Jesus's life. 

This book answered a lot of my questions which for some reason is very hard to find inside the Bible. For example, on why did the God put the Tree of Knowledge inside Eden in the first place? Or how come Jesus is said to be the first son and Mary the first woman, when he created Adam and Eve first.

I also learned a lot about Mary's life, on how old she was when she got engage to Joseph who is in his thirties, while Mary is only fifteen, or how she struggled on hiding the truth about her annunciation from the Angel Gabriel, from her spouse Joseph. 

If your interested in reading the Bible but could not finish even a page of it because of the lack of details, and was just a really confuse read for you, then I suggest picking up this book! Once you picked it up I'm sure it will change your religious life forever! You will simply know your God and Jesus in this book, and on how much they care for you. 

5/5 Stars!


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