Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Gloom Beach Cleo Review

Monster High dolls are posable just like Barbie. My Cleo is also shorter than Barbie, probably same hight as Skipper doll (little sister of Barbie), sadly I don't have any skiiper doll to compare.>x<;;

Anyways, Monster High dolls has removable arms and hands, so its easy taking off or putting on the clothes.

There are also different hand molds that is available for the Monster High doll, down side is you have to buy a whole doll just so you can get a differenst set of hand mold. My Gloom Beach Cleo has diiferent hand mold than the First wave Basic Cleo.Actually all the Gloom Beach Dolls have different hand molds than the Basic ones.

I've used Basic Frankie Stein to compare with Gloom Beach Cleo

Now lets go to the hair of my doll, my Cleo's hair is made from saran, so its smooth and soft, her hair also includes golden tinsels everywhere, her bangs, her ponytail, to give her that egypitian look, she is after all the Daughter of the Mummy.
I for one, is one of those who likes her tinsel hair,because I noticed that a lot of people tend to compalain, that the tinsels makes her look ugly, but I beg to differ!

I love the yellow, black and teal color going on, on her outfit, the yellow bandage like swimsuit, the teal wraps on her waist, her yellow pyramid shaped earings, her lovely and well detailed hand fan, her mummy wraps(plastic) on her left arm and right feet, which I might add are too loose. >.<;; And her gorgeus teal birck sandals. Also her cool teal shades.! She has black stand and a black hairbrush that came with her.

Also let us not forget her postal card for Ghoulia, and at the back is her photo, looking clawsome!

I've also heard alot of compalins about her "Skimmpy" swimsuit, yes its a little revealing but come on, its a bathing suit! And you have to remember her theme is egytian, so no wonder her swimsuit is made from bandages.

I highly recommend this doll, not just Gloom Beach Cleo, but the entire Monster High Dolls! This dolls are very well detailed and possable, its fun to photograph them. This dolls are also often use to customize and create new dolls, so if you like you can create your very own monster!


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