Monday, 16 January 2012

Introduction (first booblog!)

Hello everyone! this will be my first entry here in my BooBirdBook Blog!
Now I'm sure you are all wondering why did I named my blog BooBird? Well I named it after my little friend here whose name is Boo-boo! He is a Parakeet or some might call a Budgie, he is now 2years old and still very healthy, I might add!

Although his tamed, he can be very arrogant and be over protective to himself. xD
My little sister and I would sometimes address him as a prince due to his arrogant nature, but still, we love him anyway! 

Now back to my blog! I will be mostly blogging about my hobbies, like reading (book review!), doll photography (which by the way I suck at, and hopefully I'll improve in time), drawing (I suck at this as well Dx) and maybe some random things about my pets and little about my boring life.

Also, you all can call me Jam, my nickname in real life. I'm 21yr old and I'm from the Philippines!
I'm a book lover, animal loving, k-pop and anime fanatic, doll obsessing, ice cream eater kinda gal.


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