Saturday, 7 December 2013

Voiceless by haveyouseenthisgirl (WATTPAD published book)

Her name is Momoxhien Clarkson.

She loves Syntax Error, her favourite band.
She meets them in a very embarrasing situation.
She gets to work for them and she discovers a lot of things about her favourite band.

Then... suddenly her life gets complicated. From a fan turns to a friend and... also a lover.

But when she discovers more... can she bear all of it?

Up to what point can she consider herself a fan?

This book is not a manga, it is a published book from WATTPAD. The book is in "tagalog" my native language, so unless you can read in taglog, then I guess you can read this book.

My review in in english thou! so your welcome to read it!

When I first encountered the book, I was curious as to why it is entitled, Voiceless.
But after reading the book, I can now finally say, that I agree with the author.

When we voice out our voice of reason/opinion, whether it is the truth or not, we are often ignored by the people around us, because let's face it, the truth is that, people will only listen to the things they want to hear. 
They would rather be, be deaf to the truth than to face reality.

I like the character of Momo because she has a strong sense of loyalty towards the people she cares about, on the other hand, I kinda disliked Sync's personality for being to hard headed, but hey who can blame the guy, when he fell in love to a girl who only used him? Not his fault I guess....
But dang, his too blinded when it comes to love....tsk...

I kinda like Kevin Sy, his sweet, but I dislike him for having feelings for Momo so suddenly!

My favorite character would be Mirko... I love his cool and happy go lucky personality! Plus his half Italian! Dreamy!

So far its a predictable story....
Buy I like the slow progress between the two main character because its not an instant love.

4/5 stars! I'm curious what will happened next on the second and final book! 
Will start reading now!