Monday, 16 January 2012

Doll Obsession

I love dolls! Yes, I said it! I loooveee dolls!
I'm not shy to admit it! I mean, I'm 21 but I still obsess with dolls.
Right now my recent obsession is the famous Monster High dolls.
Have you heard about it?
Well if not, don't worry your not alone. Most people here in the Philippines haven't have the slightest idea what Monster High dolls is, but ironic enough, they are like the new Barbie in other countries like U.S., Canada, etc....

Here it is, I present you the Monster High Dolls!

Cool aren't they?
Anyways this Monster High Dolls are made non other than Mattle, the creators of Barbie!
I too can't believe that Mattle has created such clawsome and fangtastic dolls!

As I grow up I find other old dolls lines, like Barbie, Bratz, etc.... rather boring (snore!) and too girly for my taste, but when I saw Monster High dolls, I found them rather interesting and creative, I just literally fell in love with them! I mean come on! They are the offspring of famous monsters!

Right now I have four Monster High dolls! Yes, what a very small collection, but you can't blame me, Mattle has yet to sell these dolls here in the Philippines, they are only available in ebay and some hobby shops. T_T

My first Monster High doll is a Gloom Beach Cleo De Nile, a gift I receive from my aunt in Canada! I'm soo happy when I got her! I've been wanting a Monster High doll for a year now, so when I received her last year of December, I was squealing in happiness like a little girl! xD

Her picture while she is still in the box.

I took this picture the next day I got her. I love her fan! So elegant! I'll review Gloom Beach Cleo later on or tomorrow.


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